Taking Control

I don’t think the importance of taking control is stressed enough.

Taking control does not necessarily mean doing a whole 360 change. It is as simple as choosing one thing you want to change and actually taking steps towards it. All you need to do is take the first step which could be waking up an hour earlier or creating a habit. That simple or not so simple task lol is a stepping stone to taking control of your decisions and actions.

This may already be common knowledge but I only recently experienced it and i decided to share. I read Mark Manson’s book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k” and there was a chapter where he wrote about not being special in the sense that everyone has gone through or will go through whatever obstacle you are currently faced with. My understanding of that is you don’t allow what you are dealing with or going through control you because something can only feel like it’s controlling if you allow it.

So we are back to TAKING CONTROL! and making intentional decisions because only you have the power to allow something affect you. Take control of your thoughts, your time and your space. Choose what you want to think about, what you want to dedicate you time to and who you allow in your space because all these things could affect you negatively or postively.

Nothing without intention by Solange is something i listen to and remind myself of everyday.

Thanks for reading… I hope you are as inspired as I am and decide to take control. Feel free to let me know the steps you’re taking.

I’m tired and i’m going to do something about it

First of all, I’m tired.

I’m tired of not feeling like i am enough or doing enough.

I’m tired of looking at others and wondering why I’m not where they are.

I’m tired of looking for answers everywhere

I’m tired of waiting for people to see my worth and appreciate me


Now what am i going to do about it?

I’m going to stop giving a fuck.

I’m going to stop measuring my happiness with the standards of others.

I’m going to prioritize my work and peace of mind

I’m going to take a breath and celebrate my little victories… because

I’m amazing and i can fucking do it (whatever it is i want to do)

Speak Life

The importance of controlling what we say is underestimated. How you can have a bad day just because you said “I’m in a bad mood” When you say it, you let yourself believe it.

untitled 8.pngSpeaking life just means saying only positive things out loud. You will be surprised at how much your life or mood changes when you only say positive things. if you’ve heard about the rice experiment where you have three jars or rice in the same conditions for 30 days and speak love, hate and ignore the third jar. The love jar remains fine , the rice in the hate jar is rotten and the rice in the ignore jar is bad but not as bad as the rice in the hate jar. What I’m trying to say is that there is power in the things we say. The simple act of saying something out loud can have a major effect on whatever it is we are going through. You can try the rice experiment if you want or you can just use yourself as a test subject. Everyday when you wake up, say something positive about yourself or about your day and watch it happen for real. A simple “today will be a good day” is enough for you to have a good day.

So whenever you feel a negative thought coming up, like when you’re studying and you want to say “I don’t understand this” stop yourself and say ” I will understand this”. It might sound completely crazy but try it first.

In essence, you’re taking control of your mood and once you’ve done that nothing can stop you. Whether you have a good day, whether you feel pretty or good about yourself is up to no one but YOU.